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A lot of times I hear someone sticking up for a friend, co-worker, or relative they’re close to. There’s nothing wrong with defending them. However, do your best not to dismiss the other person’s feelings about your sidekick. Your relationship and the other person’s relationship with the person you’re defending may be very different. (I hate to relate humans to dogs, but in this situation, it seems like a good way to describe how someone can treat two people differently.) Simply put, around you, the person you’re defending is Lassie and to the other person they’re Cujo. Hopefully, the dog comparison will help you to put things into perspective and help you understand the other person’s viewpoint.


From Crying to Dancing

Last year my friend invited me to take part in a charity walk. She was running late. The walk had already started, but I decided to wait for her so we could start and finish at the same time. This year, I got to the event as soon as the countdown started. I called and called and called and got no response. So instead of retreating back to my car and going back home and getting back in bed, I decided to participate in the walk. I put my headphones on and got moving. When I was halfway done with the walk, I ran into my friend. She couldn’t believe that I had caught up to her (she saw me first). I couldn’t believe it either as I was not expecting to run into her because there were so many people. At any rate, I was feeling so good about catching up to her that I told I wanted to finish the walk the same way I started– alone. She smiled and said OK and I kept right on going finishing the race ahead of her.

Currently, my friends are well ahead of me in the race of life. They have a lot of good things going on in their life. It’s their season of reaping the good fruit they’ve sown. I’m happy for every one of them. I’ve seen the blood, sweat, and tears they shed through these last few years. They deserve all the blessings and more.

I couldn’t help but notice that this walk served as a sign that my harvest season is slowly, but surely approaching. At some point the tears that I’ve sown will turn in to dancing shoes. After class is dismissed, I’m going to go through my music collection and find my theme song.

This post is for those of you who see people passing you up and you wanna quit. Don’t give up, you’re harvest season is almost here too. Keep walking until you get to the finish line.

Unfortunately, when I finished my race I didn’t stand at the finish line to cheer my friend on. I promised myself that if I finish my race in life ahead of my friends that I’m going to be waiting at the finish line to cheer them on and congratulate them on finishing their race.

Class dismissed.

Dealing with Difficult Workers

As I was reading John Maxwell’s “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” I discovered how important work performance and work ethics are when it comes to dealing with difficult workplace situations. Showing up on time, giving your best every day, and not participating in workplace gossip, shows three things: integrity, credibility, and maturity. These are important tools when it comes to issues in the workplace. When you start to have problems with someone at your job, your words hold more weight compared to another worker known to everyone as The Town Gossiper who also has the same problem with the same person as you do. Of course there are times where even with those tools you still have a problem with that person or even someone else. If that is the case, don’t be discouraged. Those tools are still good; you just have to use some other tools such as patience, gentleness, and above all self-control to help you out. Class dismissed.

Death is not something we want to think nor talk about. Unfortunately, it’s an important subject to discuss especially with loved ones. I wanted to talk to my loved one, but I couldn’t find the words. I couldn’t find the words until I was riding behind the ambulance on the way to the hospital late Sunday night. Thankful, he’s still alive and out of the hospital. However, the trip to the hospital sent shock waves through my mind and body. I was totally unprepared for what could’ve been his final curtain call. Last year, I started an “End of the Road” file for him and myself, but had not finished it. So I’m writing this post to encourage you to get your affairs in order. Get your Last Will and Testament done. Get yourself a Power of Attorney. Let your loved ones know where they can find certain documents (birth certificate, medical records, military records, insurance papers, marriage certificate, etc.) Make sure you have some type of burial insurance so your loved ones won’t have to carry the financial load. There’s nothing worse than seeing a family stressing out and grieving because they’re trying to raise money to bury a relative. There’s also nothing worse than seeing a family fight over their deceased relative’s possessions. So in order to feed two monkeys with one banana (that’s my way of saying “kill two birds with one stone”) I strongly encourage you to get your affairs in order and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Thank you Fusion for an awesome documentary on one of the deep-rooted problems in Ferguson, MS. It is my belief that had Michael Brown’s story never seen the light of day, no one would’ve ever known about the economic exploitation of the poor minorities living in Ferguson. It is also my belief that there are other towns that are involved in the same type of oppressive behavior; we just don’t hear about it.



Before you put another scoop on top of your waffle ice cream cone, read this. Thank you Mark Collete for an excellent article on Texas’ beloved Blue Bell Ice Cream.


Watching the video above, I discovered that there are two types of people we never forget:

1. The ones that helped us

In the video the young man didn’t forget to “pay it forward”. When he grew up, became wealthy, and was given the opportunity to help someone from his past he didn’t waste any time second guessing. He jumped at the chance. In most cases, we have no issues with reciprocity. However, when it comes to the second group of people we never forget, we have a problem with helping them when they need assistance.

2. The ones that hurt us

In the very beginning of the video the lady who he stole the prescription drugs from humiliated him in public, shamed him, and even hit him upside the head. She didn’t show any kind of mercy or grace towards him. She snatched the medicine out the boys hand and called him a “thief.” Sometimes we run across people who refuse to show any grace or mercy towards us. However, when the tables turn and they want to be shown mercy we ignore them. If this was just a regular commercial (wasn’t a true story), it would’ve been more powerful had the lady got sick herself and the young man performed a successful surgery on her and paid for all of her medical expenses. It would’ve shown that even though people in life hurt you, disregard you, and kick you while you’re down you can still support them whenever their world has turned upside down (and trust me, at some point it will). It’s called forgiveness and it is truly the sweetest revenge, because they’ll never expect you to be nice to them after they were mean to you.

If “giving is the best communication”, then FORgiving is the greatest communication.

(Video Credit: The Red Phoenix)

We’re so focused on racism that we are forgetting a young man’s rights were taken away from him. I’ve heard a few things (some of it might be true and some of it might not be true) about this case, but one fact remains true: an unarmed man was shot and killed.

Assuming that the 1st three stories are indeed true:

1. Whether or not the young man punched the cop in the face, the young man was unarmed and was shot and killed.

2. Whether or not the cop had suspicions or reasonable doubt that the young man was involved in illegal activities, the young man was unarmed and was shot and killed.

3. Whether or not the young man was being verbally disrespectful towards the cop, the young man was unarmed and was shot and killed.

4. I don’t care about either one of their professional affiliations (the young man was a future college student and the other man was a cop). They are both US citizens and one US citizen shot and killed an unarmed fellow US citizen. The US citizen who did the shooting just so happened to be wearing a police uniform at the time of the shooting.

I’m merely stating a few things (of course assuming that the 1st two stories mentioned above are true):

He took the young man’s right to defend himself in the court of law if in fact the young man did assault him.

He took the young man’s right to defend himself in the court of law if in fact he did have proof that the young man was involved in illegal activities.

I’m not interested in race, police brutality, or government corruption. I’m interested in justice.

The U.S. citizen who was the shooter is guilty of murdering an unarmed U.S. citizen. Plain and simple.

Excuse my language, but I think the U.S. media coverage on the war between Israel and Hamas is BS. I believe the media is being biased and accusing Israel of being blood thirsty savages. The news coverage is one-sided…reporting that Israel is fighting dirty and basically attacking Palestinian civilians on purpose. Here’s my issue with the media’s lop-sided reports: my first time hearing about the existence of a terrorist group was days after the Sept. 11 attacks. And in all the news stories since then, I’ve never heard the following about Israelis:

1. I’ve never heard of Israelis hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings killing innocent people.

2. I’ve never heard of Israelis strapping suicide bombs to themselves and going inside cafe’s, buses, and trains and killing themselves along with innocent people.

3. I’ve never heard of Israelis using humans as shields.

4. I’ve never heard of Israelis kidnapping over 200 little schoolgirls and holding them as hostages.

But here’s the kicker: I have heard of terrorists groups being involved in the activities mentioned above. So when I hear Israel accusing Hamas of storing bombs and other weapons inside hospitals and schools (places where innocent people are seeking refuge) surely I’m going to believe they’re telling the truth. Don’t get me wrong it is very sad to hear innocent people are being killed, but they are being killed by their own people. Think about it. Other than terrorists groups, who in their right mind would strategically place bombs in places were they know innocent people are going to for shelter? My point exactly. The media is not reporting the whole truth and therefore is giving people a lop-sided story. Since I don’t teach Conspiracy Theories you can come up with your own reasons as to why the media is being biased. Class dismissed.

**** Please note that I’m not saying that Israeli terrorists do not exist. Every country has citizens who happen to be terrorists; case in point, The Oklahoma City Bombing. I apologize for any confusion.****

This list is what I call the 10 “plagues” in the low-income community:

1. Liquor Stores

2. Pawn Shops (most of which sell guns)

3. Planned Parenthood (abortion clinics)

4. Drug Dealers

5. Fast Food Restaurants

6. Payday loans Businesses

7. Bookstores/Libraries (are few and far between)

8. Prices of Gas and Food (necessities are much higher in the low-income neighborhoods than in the suburbs)

9. Price of houses are lower/ the neighborhood’s market value is low (low enough to sell to developers/builders in order to build luxury condos/townhomes, thereby increasing the market value of the area but at the expense of pushing out lower-income residents=gentrification)

10. Schools (poor performance)

I put this list together to show that these 10 “plagues” are not isolated issues, but they are all part of the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is the low-income community is drowning in alcohol, drugs, abortion, violence, and debt because of a lack of education. When I say education I’m not just talking about schools, but the lack of libraries and bookstores where people can learn about savings, investments, exercise, good eating habits, and how to turn weekend hobbies into thriving businesses. Education is about giving people good and useful information to help them make sound decisions (beneficial changes).

We can make changes in our own neighborhoods by realizing that we have options outside of what society is presenting to us as our only option (the 10 plagues listed above).

Purpose, Acceptance, Identity, Love, and Security

Obtaining wholeness through the Word of God and not the ways of the world.


I think a lot. I say very little. I do what needs to be done. I am the Sweetest Black Christian Woman in America. I am Sheklin Dixon.

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